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Intersectional Hindu Studies: Feminist and Critical Race Approaches to Research and Teaching Seminar

Call for Proposals for November Meeting

There will not be an open call for papers this year; rather, we will be pre-organizing a session on Islamophobia in Hindu Studies, that will directly tie to the Presidental theme of violence and non-violence, given the violence of Islamophobia perpetuated by many Hindu communities that claim the mantle of non-violence. 

Statement of Purpose

This seminar centers the work of racialized researchers and teachers of Hinduism who use critical race theory (CRT) and intersectional feminist theory in our own work, and who are committed to challenging systemic inequality in academic spaces. We have three objectives: 1. To develop an intersectional critique of the formation and institutionalization of Hindu Studies as a field 2. To challenge the prevailing narratives about Hindus and Hindu Studies in the academy and in the global public sphere 3. To create a space for racialized scholars in Hindu Studies (and connected fields) to examine and share our own experiences in academia


Steering Committee Members


Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs and steering committee members at all times