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Karl Barth Society of North America

Call for Proposals

For the 2022 Annual Meeting, the Karl Barth Society of North American solicits papers on the theme of “God and the creature."

The "God and the creature" theme encompasses many possible sites of inquiry and can be brought into conversation with many dimensions of Barth’s work: the account of creation and creatures in Barth’s Romans commentaries, the Church Dogmatics, and other works; Barth’s understanding of the human being in its relation to God; Barth’s understanding of other-than-human creatures; Barth’s understanding and reception of evolutionary theory; Barth’s treatment of scriptural accounts of other-than-human creatures; Barth’s political thought in relation to contemporary struggles for ecojustice, etc.

Consideration of Barth’s theology as it bears on the Anthropocene and related issues (global heating, biodiversity, ocean acidification, factory farming, etc.) are particularly welcome. Also welcome are papers that put Barth’s theology in conversation with projects in the fields of eco-theology, animal studies, animism, food studies, and so on.

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Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs and steering committee members at all times