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La Comunidad of Hispanic Scholars of Religion

Call for Proposals

“White-Collar Migrants: Labor and Poverty in the Religious Academy” 

In keeping with the 2023 theme “La Labor de Nuestras Manos,” our unit invites papers on the topic of Latinx contingent labor in the religious and theological academy. Not only has the number of Latinx faculty remained stagnant in the academy for over a decade, but those finding employment in their field are also disproportionately contingent faculty, often relocating at great expense in the pursuit of an academic teaching position that might become permanent. When factoring in the fact that most of these colleges, universities, and seminaries embrace a tradition of social and economic justice, it becomes necessary to analyze and critique their hiring practices in light of the ongoing exploitation of contingent labor. 

Possible themes include: 

  • Unionization efforts 
  • Non-tenured teaching faculty: a new permanent underclass? 
  • The role of denominational schools in perpetuating problems or presenting solutions 
  • What hope for the future? Strategies for negotiating positive change 
  • The role of class in academic employment 
  • Gender, Class, and Ethnic stratification within the Latinx theological academy 
  • The international hire—the challenges to Latinx identity in global context 

Proposals should be sent directly to Rubén Rosario Rodríguez, and Erica Ramirez, no later than March 15, 2023. 

Statement of Purpose

La Comunidad is an ecumenical association of Latinx scholars of religion founded in 1989. La Comunidad proactively advances the interests and scholarship of Latinas and Latinos in biblical, theological, and religious studies. For more information, please contact Rubén Rosario Rodríguez,, or Erica Ramirez,


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