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Latina/o Religion, Culture, and Society Unit

Call for Proposals for November Meeting

Borderlands, Liminal Spaces, and Beyond: Intersecting Narratives of Gender and Sexual Violence, Migration, and Theological-Ethical Reflections

We invite papers that seek to explore the rich and complex narratives that emerge from borderlands and liminal spaces. This session aims to delve into the intersections of violence, particularly against women, and the theological-ethical dimensions that underpin these experiences. We invite an exploration of the connections between forms of gendered violence, and encourage submissions that focus on recovering and redefining marginalized identities, sacred spaces, and engage in spiritual healing and anti-oppression work.  

Topics of Interest Include (but are not limited to):

  • The Borderlands as a Theological-Ethical Space: How do borderlands serve as sites for theological reflection and ethical discourse? How do they challenge and reshape traditional religious practices and beliefs?
  • Liminal Spaces and Identity Formation: In what ways do liminal spaces contribute to the construction of new alliances and identities? How do they facilitate the decolonization of the mind and the rejection of colonial/modern gender systems?
  • Migration and Embodiment: How do migration narratives intersect with the embodiment of knowledge and the materiality of transcendence? What role do religious communities play in caring for migrants? How do we address the sexual assault that has become commonplace in the migrant’s journey?
  • Decolonial Feminist Integral Ecology: How can we cultivate a decolonial feminist integral ecology in response to global ecological crises? What does this mean for our understanding of land, home, and the interconnectedness of life?
  • Coalitionary Politics and Solidarity: How can we foster a politics of solidarity that recognizes the interdependence of race, gender, sexuality, and class? What can we learn from the coalitionary politics of U.S. women of color and their decolonizing practices?
  • Personhood and citizenship: What are the theo-ethical dimensions of gender and sexual violence in the shaping of the individual and communities? What are the practices of care and ways communities respond to feminicides, sexual exploitation, and gender oppression?

Statement of Purpose

This Unit examines, through systematic study and reflection, the social locations, religious beliefs, and practices of the rich and diverse multicultural backgrounds of Latinas/os in the United States and Canada. The Unit recognizes that this is an interdisciplinary enterprise in view of the cultural and religious roots and sources of Latinos/as, including heritages from Europe, indigenous nations of the Americas, Africa, and Asia. The traditions emerging out of the mixture of these cultures throughout the Americas continue to undergo further development and innovation in the North American context, producing the distinct phenomena of Latino/a theologies and religions. It is this rich and deep religious/theological-cultural-social-political complex that is the focus of this Unit.


Steering Committee Members


Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members