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Men, Masculinities, and Religions Unit

Call for Proposals

  • Love, Romance, and Intimacy

We invite paper proposals that consider masculinities, intimacy and love broadly construed. Papers could consider the relationship between romance and romantic practices and religious practices, the establishing of close and intimate friendships between humans, between humans and gods, and humans, spirits, and other beings or agents. Papers might also consider familial, and human-animal relationships, or even relationships between humans and technologies. We invite textual, material, ethnographic, pop cultural, and historical analysis and invite papers that think about masculinities and emotion, embodiment, and relationality. We are especially excited about papers that consider religion in relation to bio politics, affect studies, and queer studies.

  • Book Panels

We invite panel proposals highlighting new books in the field. We encourage broad thinking about what constitutes studies of masculinities and religion, and welcome books that might not be “masculinity studies” on first blush but would contribute broadly to our historical and contemporary understanding of men and masculinities. We are particularly looking forward to creative formats and panels that put multiple books and authors in conversation in a roundtable or Q&A format or invite multiple authors to respond to other new books in the field. We are open to many books, and one possible book to consider is Flaming?: The Peculiar Theopolitics of Fire and Desire in Black Male Gospel Performance (OUP, 2020) by Alisha Lola Jones.

  • Play, Levity, and Poking Fun

We invite papers that consider play, levity, and religious masculinities. Possible topics might include media representations and popular culture, religion and recreation, costuming, festivals, and other liturgical or embodied performances, playful rituals and theologies, art, dance, theater and experimental performances that critique and poke fun at and/or construct masculinities. We invite papers that think about humor, whimsy, dress-up, camp and the making and unmaking of gender and masculinity.


We also invite paper proposals on:

  • Emotions, Affect, and masculinities
  • Sensory studies of masculinities
  • South Asian religious masculinities
  • Medieval religious masculinities

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