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North American Paul Tillich Society

Call for Proposals

For its November 20, 2020 Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, immediately prior to the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion, the North American Paul Tillich Society seeks paper or panel proposals for two sessions. We seek papers that either interpret Tillich in his historical context with implications drawn for present concerns, or that engage Tillich as a theological resource, either constructively or methodologically, for addressing contemporary society and culture. The generality of this call reflects the desire of the board to engage broadly across the interests represented in the Society and to draw beyond our current membership to welcome new and compelling voices into our number.

Panels at the 2020 meeting will be limited to 90 minutes, and so we would prefer papers and panels that commit to pre-circulating papers so that the meeting time may focus on brief summaries, engagement among panelists, and engagement with annual meeting participants.

Paper proposals should include a 300 word abstract and a CV. Panel proposals should include a 200 word abstract of the panel and 300 word abstracts of each of the papers on the panel along with CVs of each of the participants. Proposals should be submitted to no later than April 15, 2020. Accepted papers or panels will be notified by May 15, and papers are encouraged to be submitted for pre-circulation by September 1.

Statement of Purpose

Founded in 1975, the 250-member NAPTS is concerned with Paul Tillich's (1886-1965) philosophical-theological thought, with its analysis, critique, and revision; with the implications and the use of this thought in political, social, psychotherapeutic, scientific, artistic, and ethico-religious spheres; the application of Tillich’s thought to questions he himself could never have imagined in his lifetime; finally, with the impact and the creative extension of Tillich's legacy. The Society meets annually in conjunction with AAR, organizes international conferences, collaborates with the German, French speaking, and several other Tillich societies, awards an annual student paper prize, and sponsors publications. The quarterly Bulletin carries papers from meetings and other information on Tillich, publication, letters, et al. Dues $50/year. Membership: Frederick Parrella, Religious Studies, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA, 95053-0335 or More information is available at



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Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs and steering committee members at all times