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Political Theology Unit

Call for Proposals

Political theology invites submissions in the following three areas:

  • Challenging the theory/practice divide by pursuing multiple ways of knowing related to political theology. For example: What does sociology/social life have to do with political theology (often hyper-focused on state power and sovereignty)? How can attention to imaginary and social dimensions of political theology help us understand the emerging force of conspiratorial thinking (e.g. QAnon)? What non-traditional archives are relevant to political theology, especially among marginalized groups (e.g. music, art, performance, and other aesthetic archives with political force)? Why is “theory” so persistently seen as alien to the goals of activism, and need it be so?
  • Marx and Specters of Marx (Co-sponsored with the Philosophy of Religion Unit)
  • Calvinism, Secularity, and Political Theology (Co-sponsored with the Reformed Theology and History Unit, the Secularity and Secularism Unit and the Political Theology Unit) We are interested in papers that explore Reformed history and theology alongside discursive and institutional secularism. Possible areas of focus could include (but are not limited to): law and sovereignty; reassessing the sociology of predestination; socio-political-biblical narrative; and the influence of Calvinism on thinkers impacted by Calvinism, but who rejected or were not directly associated with Calvinism.

Statement of Purpose


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Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members