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Religion and Sexuality Unit

Call for Proposals

We are particularly interested in papers addressing and analyzing the following themes:

-For a potential co-sponsored session with the Mysticism Unit: "Mysticism and Unruly Desire": We welcome papers that explore the role of desire and its objects in mystical discourse and practice, with particular attention to desires that are not routinized or heteronormative. We particularly welcome papers that explore a contemporary perspective and/or use an empirical approach.

-We invite potential contributions for a co-sponsored session with the Teaching Religion Unit about Religion, the Body, and Sexuality (Hoel, Wilcox, Wilson) Proposals should emphasize specific ways in which this text has inspired or might inspire innovative pedagogy about religion, the body, and sexuality.

Other proposals for papers, sessions, panels and/or book sessions in keeping with the general mission of the Unit are always welcome.

Statement of Purpose

This Unit examines religion and sexuality, broadly conceptualized, and focuses on questions of why and how sex matters for particular religious persons, communities, or traditions. We welcome collaboration with other Program Units doing work in some area of sexuality. Distinguishing this Unit from other Program Units are an emphasis on empirical research and analysis and an intentionally multidisciplinary and comparative religious focus. We especially encourage interdisciplinary approaches, interest in gender (broadly defined), and strong attention to methodological issues.


Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members