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Religion in Premodern Europe and the Mediterranean Unit

Call for Proposals

We welcome proposals on all topics related to the Unit's subject matter, broadly conceived. Proposals that are themselves comparative in nature or that present novel approaches to the study of premodern religion are particularly welcome. We encourage the submission of preformed panel proposals suitable for 90-minute time slots. We also encourage the submission of individual paper proposals for panels on the following subjects:

  1. Religions and poverty in premodern societies: charity and the question of asceticism.
    This session would explore tensions between chosen poverties and unchosen poverties and the idea of serving those defined as poor. To what extent is voluntary poverty and service to the poor a form of asceticism?

  2. Charismatic leaders in medieval societies: saints, charlatans, and their followers
    One person’s holy man or savior is another’s heretic, fraud, or diabolically-inspired villain. How do people discern the difference?

Statement of Purpose

This Unit aims to bring together scholars working on premodern Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in order to create a venue in which religious phenomena can be considered comparatively. Individual papers may be embedded in a single tradition, but presenters should be interested in engaging this material comparatively during the discussion period.


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Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members

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