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Religions, Borders, and Immigration Seminar

Call for Proposals

For AAR 2020 seminar we invite proposals focusing on robust theological and religious engagement with and reflection on memories and histories of forced migration such as crossing various kinds of borders and walls, geographical and cultural, from the perspectives of various religious traditions. In particular, we invite proposals emphasizing constructive engagement with the religious notions of compassion; those with a focus on climate refugees in the context of climate change denial; and theological/religious analyses and critiques of willful ignorance toward the predicaments of refugees and asylum seekers. Attention to interreligious and comparative aspects of such theological/religious engagements will be of particular importance.

Statement of Purpose

The overall purpose of this seminar is to promote interreligious and interdisciplinary collaboration on global migration from theological perspectives and how it begins to reshape the interpretations of the Ultimate reality, as it is envisioned in various religious traditions in dialogue with diverse traditions of ethics and pastoral responses to the refugee crisis. This seminar’s focus or theme is on the intersection of borders, migration, religious practices and how all of those are being reenvisioned and reinterpreted through dialogical theological reflection in interfaith perspectives. The work of the seminar addresses one of most critical issues of our time, and we believe that religion plays an essential role in understanding the meaning of these changes. This new seminar will continue to encourage different and creative approaches, such as comparative theology and theologies of religious diversity, to explore the meaning of our times.


Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members during review, but visible to chairs prior to final acceptance or rejection

Review Process Comments

We will be shifting to anonymous review process until the final acceptance. Previously the names were visible.