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Sacred Texts, Theory, and Theological Construction Unit

Call for Proposals

For its 2022 Annual Meeting Call for Proposals, the unit Sacred Texts, Theory and Theological Construction (STTTC) is proposing three sessions. The first will host a book response/review panel on Jessica Coblentz, Dust in the Blood: A Theology of Life with Depression (Liturgical Press, 2022). The panel will include a response by the author.

In collaboration with the units Religion and Disabilities, and Open and Relational Theologies, STTTC will co-sponsor the panel Grief, Trauma, and Care in times of catastrophe. What distinct insights are available when catastrophic events are experienced and analyzed from within a disability perspective? What kinds of responses to trauma are needed to adequately grieve, mourn, and flourish? How do disability perspectives (from within and without religious communities and their sacred texts) imagine and practice a different world and collective future in which mutual care in vulnerability is possible? Which histories, theologies, cosmologies or theories of grief and flourishing in times of catastrophe need to be centered?

Finally, as a unit, Sacred Texts, Theory and Theological Construction is keenly interested in presenting innovative and exploratory work that engages Critical Theory (broadly defined) and Continental Philosophy intersecting with either Sacred Text (including, but by no means limited to Jewish and Christian writings) and Theology (ideally projects that touch on all these elements). We encourage individual proposals for an “open call” on these interests, as well as proposals for innovative panels of scholars.

Statement of Purpose

This Unit works with the unique intersection of sacred texts, contemporary theory, and theological construction. We call for papers engaged in contemporary constructive theology that think in innovative ways with sacred texts and contemporary biblical studies. We encourage dialogue between constructive theologians and biblical scholars from AAR and SBL, dealing with themes of interest to both academic disciplines in the wake of postmodernity. Topics range from theological hermeneutics to the value of theology, interrogations of our new theoretical contexts to constructive theological proposals, and from the use of sacred texts by contemporary theorists to the use of those contemporary theorists in constructive theology. This unit encourages and is receptive to creative proposals that work at the intersection of biblical studies, contemporary philosophy, theory, and theology.


Steering Committee Members


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Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members during review, but visible to chairs prior to final acceptance or rejection

Review Process Comments

This practice has served us well in the past, a combination of invited panels and reviewed panels and paper sessions. The final visibility allows for a second check on program diversity and intervention if need be.