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Secularism and Secularity Unit

Call for Proposals

  1. We welcome papers on the future of secularism and the study of secularity/secular people. We are interested in interrogating the state of the field and what comes next for these areas of study within the academic study of religion.

  2. The Sexist Secular: We invite papers that explore the following questions: How should scholars theorize the relationship between patriarchy and secularism? How do formations of the secular map onto formations of gender, and particularly formations of hegemonic masculinity (i.e. Jordan Peterson, the Red Pill, authoritarian political projects)? We seek papers that bring interdisciplinary lenses to bear on these themes as they arise in popular and political culture, as well as within academic formulations of secular studies.

  3. Science Fiction and Secular Apocalypses: We invite papers for a potential co-sponsored panel with the Religion and Science Fiction program Unit: We are interested in work that that addresses any aspect of the dystopic that may overlap with the secular imaginary regarding phenomena such as climate change, authoritarianisms, genocide, etc.

Statement of Purpose

The Secularism and Secularity Unit explores a broad a set of questions associated with the secular, including its complex entanglements with religion and spirituality. This inquiry entails the study of political secularism and its role in the construction of religion, as well as the study of secular people, who can be described with a variety of labels including atheist, agnostic, humanist, and freethinker. It also includes an ongoing reappraisal of the historical transformations named by “secularization,” which signal the emergence of the modern and presuppose a break from the premodern. The group fosters new directions in secular studies by encouraging theoretically informed research that makes empirical contributions and engages with the subfield’s rapidly growing interdisciplinary literature.


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Review Process

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Process: Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members Proposal submissions are closed but as a Chair you may continue to submit proposals.