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Sikh Studies Unit

Call for Proposals for November Meeting

The following are proposed panel titles for 2024. Additional panel proposals are welcomed. We especially welcome suggestions for panels to be co-sponsored with other units. The Sikh Studies unit exclusively uses the AAR PAPERS system for all submissions. Proposed panel titles are listed with contact information. If interested, please contact the listed person(s) directly:

  • “Embodying the Sensuous: Sikh Poetry, Aesthetics, Ecology, and Feminisms" a panel in conversation with the work of Dr. Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh. Contact
  • "Sovereignty, Militancy, and Empowerment of the Sikh Panth" a panel in conversation with the work of Dr. Pashaura Singh. Contact


Co-Sponsorship Jain Studies Unit and Sikh Studies Unit:

"Spiritual Warriors: Violence and Non Violence in the Jain and Sikh Traditions" contact Jain Studies unit Co-Chair Greg Clines,; Sikh Studies unit Co-chair Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa-Baker,


Co-Sponsorship Music and Religion and Sikh Studies Unit:

"Words of Protest, Words of Peace. Musical agency in Sikh activism and Beyond" contact Music and Religion unit Co-Chair Josh Busman,; Sikh Studies unit Co-chair Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa-Baker,

Call for Proposals for Online June Meeting

"Emerging Scholars in Sikh Studies"

This panel will showcase the latest research in Sikh Studies from emerging scholars, highlighting dynamic approaches and diverse themes. Papers are welcome which span history, literature, theology, sociology, and more, offering a multidisciplinary perspective on Sikh culture and identity. This online panel for emerging scholars looks to emphasise inclusivity and global relevance and aims to inspire collaboration and further research. Contact Jasjit Singh,

Statement of Purpose

This Unit provides a forum for highlighting the most recent and innovative scholarship in the area of Sikh studies. Our work draws from a broad range of methodological and theoretical approaches — history, postcolonial theory, performance theory, popular culture, philosophy, literary criticism, gender studies, etc. — by both established scholars as well as those new to the field. Seeking a balance between critical theory and substantive content, we seek to call into question key critical terms, challenge established frames of reference, and offer innovative and alternative ways in which Sikhs and Sikhism can be understood and studied in the academy.


Steering Committee Members


Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members