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Society for Hindu-Christian Studies

Call for Proposals

Statement of Purpose

The Society for Hindu-Christian Studies was founded in November, 1994 as a logical extension to the dialogue and scholarship being carried on in the Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin (now the Journal of Hindu Christian Studies), which first appeared in 1988 under its founding editor, Dr. Harold Coward. The society is dedicated to the study of Hinduism and Christianity and their interrelationships. It seeks to create a forum for the presentation of academic research and study for the fostering of dialogue and interreligious conversation, carried forward in a spirit of openness, respect, and true inquiry. Areas of scholarly investigation include history, anthropology, theology, textual and comparative studies, and any other fields pertinent to the study of religions. Committed to scholarly interchange according to accepted traditional and contemporary methods, the society understands its scope broadly, so as to include issues related to religious practice, spirituality, and education; it is interested in supporting activities related to the comparative study of Hinduism and Christianity. Our membership includes Christians interested in the study of Hinduism, Hindus interested in the study of Christianity, and scholars – Hindu, Christian, and other – interested in the historical and contemporary interactions of Hinduism and Christianity. The words “Hindu” and “Christian” in our name indicate the general scope of our society, but their use is not intended to overlook the diversity within the several traditions, nor to reduce them to simplistic essences, nor to posit them as two exactly parallel traditions conformed to a single standard of religion. For more information, see


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Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs and steering committee members at all times