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Society for the Study of Japanese Religions

Call for Proposals

For our next session in Boston (November 19-23, 2020), The Society for the Study of Japanese Religions will sponsor a professional development workshop for early career scholars. We seek junior and mid-career professionals who are in the midst of - or have successfully navigated - the job market both in and out of academe. In particular, we seek mutual mentors who can share their wisdom and experience, as well as their life hacks, war stories, and sense of humor as they advise others through the major hurdles of job applications, interviews, negotiating contracts, revising the diss-to-ms, preparing the tenure portfolios, and establishing work-life balance. Other suggestions are most welcome. For possible co-sponsorship with the Japanese Religions Unit.

Contact: Pamela Winfield, Asuka Sango, and Levi McLaughlin

Statement of Purpose

The Society for the Study of Japanese Religions (SSJR) is an international association of scholars committed to the academic study of religion in Japan. Membership is open to graduate students, researchers, and professors of all ranks whose research is related to the study of Japanese religions. In addition to the AAR, the Society is also affiliated with the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) and hosts biannual meetings at the AAR and AAS on a variety of topics related to the study of Japanese religion. In addition to academic research, the meetings are used as a forum to discuss issues that affect its members, such as publishing, teaching, study abroad programs, and navigating the job market. The aim of the Society is to provide scholars of Japanese religion with a platform to network and generate dialogue on topics concerning the field of Religious Studies as well as the multidisciplinary study of Japan.

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