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Theological, Pedagogical, and Ethical Approaches to Israel/Palestine Seminar

Call for Proposals

The Theological, Pedagogical, and Ethical Approaches to Israel/Palestine seminar is seeking papers that will interrogate the theological and religious aspects of approaches to Israel/Palestine studies. This year’s panel welcomes proposals and questions related to the following themes:

  • Jewish theological notions for and against a national homeland in Israel/Palestine
  • Islamic theological approaches to the question of Palestine/Israel, Zionism, Arab and Palestinian nationalism
  • Eastern Christian (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc.) theological notions of the Holy Land, including Israel/Palestine, Jordan and wider Levant
  • Western Christian theological hermeneutics in relation to the Holy Land, Crusades, Zionism, and Israel/Palestine
  • Religious/Theological Studies, biblical archaeology, and the space of Israel/Palestine
  • Political and ‘Secular’ Theologies and Palestine/Israel
  • Religious tourism and various forms of pilgrimage in Palestine/Israel (Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Bahai, Druze, etc.)
  • Competing notions of theological, religious and cultural indigeneity to Israel/Palestine
  • Interfaith and religious pluralism in Israel/Palestine, pre-modern and modern
  • Religion and Political Violence in Israel/Palestine
  • Religion and Peace in Israel/Palestine


Steering Committee Members



Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to chairs and steering committee members until after final acceptance/rejection