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Theology and Religious Reflection Unit

Call for Proposals

For the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting in 2022, the Theology and Religious Reflection Unit invites proposals for individual papers and panels considering (but not limited to) the following themes:

  1. flesh, race, and the category of the human (multidisciplinary angles encouraged)
  2. scales of care and community: mutual aid, pandemics, and climate change
  3. pandemic ethics: agency, intentionality, dependence, and vulnerability
  4. Black lesbian motherhood (for a possible co-sponsored panel with the Lesbian-Feminisms and Religion Unit)
  5. religious, philosophical, and theological reflection on fatigue
  6. humans, non-humans, and environmental ethics (with possible reference to Mari Jorstad's The Hebrew Bible and Environmental Ethics)
  7. dance, movement, and the body (especially from queer and trans perspectives)
  8. exploring theological genres (for a possible co-sponsored panel with the Schleiermacher Unit)
  9. we especially welcome book panels on relevant new texts

Statement of Purpose

The Theology and Religious Reflection Unit is committed to fostering broad, interdisciplinary conversations in the study of religion and theology. We aim to cultivate a site of intersection and engagement for scholars working in various religious contexts who also have interests in the wider aspects of mutual interest in our field (theological, theoretical, methodological, political, ethical). Our Unit promotes constructive work that typically includes an emphasis on critical engagement as well as conceptual and social transformation.


Steering Committee Members





Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members