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Wesleyan and Methodist Studies Unit

Call for Proposals

For 2021, the Wesleyan and Methodist Studies Unit does not seek new proposals, but will hold two postponed panels from 2020.
-Wesleyan/Methodist Theology and Social Justice
-Women in the Wesley/Methodist Traditions

Statement of Purpose

This Unit seeks to promote the critical understanding and appropriation of Wesleyan and Methodist traditions. Our sessions are purposefully structured to encourage not only historical/sociological studies, but also theological reflection, critique, and extension. We understand Wesleyan traditions to include Methodist, Holiness, and other related strands of Christian tradition.


Steering Committee Members




The unit's sessions for 2021 were posted from the 2020 Annual Meeting. Papers have already been selected. New proposals will not be received or reviewed.

Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members

Review Process Comments

We followed standard AAR procedures to insure blind review of the paper proposals. Co-chairs were able to access demographic information to inform the steering committee about issues of representation without revealing names of proposers. This did not end up being a significant factor in our eventual selections. As we noted with respect to the session on Dr James Cone, we had to deal with three presenters chosen through the blind selection process who represented only Euro-American and European perspectives, and we tried to balance this with both a session chair and a respondent who represented African-American Wesleyan and Methodist traditions.