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Yogācāra Studies Unit

Call for Proposals

Call for Papers: We have outlined a set of panel topics that we are particularly interested in soliciting proposals for. If you would like to participate in a panel on one of these topics, please contact the person listed. Anyone is also welcome to propose a panel or a paper on a topic not listed here. The AAR has not yet released a deadline date for proposals, but it is usually at the beginning of March, so if you are interested in participating in a panel on any of these topics, please contact the point-person soon.

  • Text panel: this is our flagship event at which participants arrive with a text that is distributed ahead of time, and the assembled group reads and discusses together. This year's proposed text is the Twenty Verses and Auto-commentary by Vasubandhu. Contact Jonathan Gold (
  • A roundtable on Sonam Kachru's recently published book: Other Lives: Mind and World in Indian Buddhism. Contact Davey Tomlinson (
  • Yogācāra precedents in non-Mahāyāna. Contact Jonathan Gold (
  • Emotions in Yogācāra. Contact Roy Tzohar (

Statement of Purpose


Steering Committee Members





Review Process

Proposer names are visible to chairs but anonymous to steering committee members